Since our inception eight years ago, our firm has raised over $22.6 million in the community, indirectly helping 3.75 million people through the agencies we assist. Grant Staff has been involved with many not-for-profit agencies, and we deeply understand the challenges not-for-profit agencies face. At the same time, we also understand the challenges Foundations face in trying to award funding. Grant Givers was founded to assist Foundations in their mission. Grant Givers can help establish a Foundation through incorporating, writing and filing by-laws, attaining 501(c)3 status, and completing mandatory annual reporting.  We can also assist with the management of a Foundation once it is established. Working on behalf of your Foundation, Grant Givers can assist you by:
  • drafting by-laws
  • creating the Foundation distribution policy
  • writing application guidelines
  • reviewing preliminary application data
  • making funding recommendations
  • reviewing grant award reports
  • completing annual and other regularly scheduled obligations for federal and state reports

There are numerous reasons why individuals start their own Foundation. These may include wanting to make a difference in society, leaving a legacy, or reaping tax incentives. Foundations ensure that those with the most need have the resources to change their life.

Grant Staff Fast Facts

There are 75,953 foundations in the United States.

United States Foundations give $45.6 billion dollars a year to not-for-profit organizations.

Last year, 188 not-for-profit agencies received a grant larger than ten million dollars.
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